PICOYA,S.L. was founded in 1985 focused on the distribution and advising on the use of snow chains in Spain.
One year after the other they improved with new products considering the market development . Already ten years ago they decided to start with exportation to other countries and due to this fact learned a lot about the snow chains and it helped them to enlarge their range up to the updated catalogue.

The range is fulfilled with car passenger snow chains, S.U.V and 4x4 with quick-easy mounting and dismounting, the fashion fabric snow chain, the traditional 9mm rhombus structured, steel truck and buses snow chains and now the new revolutionary Snow Removals Chains.

In 2002 they obtained the certification ISO 9001 which has been updated with the actual ISO 9001-2000. Always thinking on improving the service to customers they also obtained the TÜV and Önorm in most of their products and  in process of certification in the rest of them.

Nowadays PICOYA,S.L. is a leading company with experience, young spirit and hopes in present and future closed to the customer’s hopes.